Our Story

Since my first visit to Peru, I have always felt drawn to its amazing landscape and friendly people. In the midst of a South American travel and climbing trip in 2001, I purchased a chalk bag from a local artisan who was also a climber. That chalk bag looked nice, but it was not so durable.

Four years later I was back in Peru guiding in the Andes. While living there I became friends with Yuri,  the maker of my old dilapidated chalk bag. At the end of the season I brought 40 chalk bags home to Montana with me for gifts and sales back in the States. These bags were a lot tougher than my original chalk bag. 

The intention was to sell them to stores and gyms nationwide while climbing throughout the US. However, they never left Bozeman, as they were all sold within a few weeks.

Back in Peru, my friend Yuri and I decided to modify the bags to make them into the solid design you see today. We added the stay-open-rims, a tougher textile, and incorporated new sizes and designs. What you see in our latest models of Mago’s Andean chalk bags is the result of our collaborative efforts.

Throughout our design stages and business transactions we have consciously decided, “La amistad antes de los negocios” or “Friendship before business”. In the midst of our planning and designing we may stop to take time for a three-hour lunch break or bouldering sessions on Yuri's homemade wall. A barbecue with the whole family and employees is not uncommon. We try to keep it bien tranquilo and have a good time with our work, putting the emphasis on good.

At Mago Mountain Works, we are constantly designing more products that originate in South America. We have a good time doing it, and hopefully you will while using them. Our products are simply a good fair deal for everyone from the Peruvians, who I know personally, to you the end user. So please join us and support international small business with some of Mago Mountain Work’s equipment.


Sam Magro, Owner of Mago Mountain Works    

Owner, Sam Magro slabbing out in The Sacred Valley near Urabamba, Peru.